Non-Compliant Aluminium Cladding

18 August 2017

Following the recent fire to London’s Grenfell tower, global attention has been brought to the use of non-compliant and combustible building materials. More specifically, Aluminium Composite Panelling (ACP), which is deemed to be an influencing factor to the tragic inferno, contributing to the rapid spread and intensity of the fire.

This event has led to global insurance markets imposing stricter underwriting guidelines as they react to the increased risk identified.

Domestic Strata insurers in particular have begun increasing premiums, applying policy exclusions and even withdrawing cover, where the risk is considered too great.

Whilst the government has proposed audit’s and investigations into the matter, the issues surrounding insurance cover are immediate and cannot be ignored.

Taking into consideration the above, BAC would like to highlight that not all cladding is considered high risk and detrimental. Depending on the brand, specification and quantity used, insurance may not necessarily be prejudiced.