When a loss occurs, BAC strives to make a difficult and stressful situation as easy as possible

BAC understands the importance of having a personalised and efficient claims service, supported by a team of claims professionals that represent our clients in their time of need.

Our claims professionals specialise in mitigating losses, managing disputes on claims, and developing strategies to secure the most favourable outcomes for our clients.

We incorporate the following methods in our strategies:


Our team works with you from pre-lodgement to settlement, always advocating for you as your insurance claim representative.


We will provide you with immediate, clear advice on the best outcome possible from the policy, and what to do next to achieve that outcome.


Our team is comprised of professionals whose backgrounds range across the industry from insurers, adjusting firms, broking to property management.


Each professional draws on their experiences and uses their extensive technical, legislative and industry knowledge to develop strategies with you, that will secure the most favourable, fair and timely outcome.


We will collaborate with you, to ensure a holistic approach is taken, minimising the loss-related impacts on your policy.

BAC understands each claim and client is unique.
We have the depth of resources to manage the most complex claims and provide you with a complete claims management solution.

If you need to make a claim:


Contact us by email, phone or via our website form.


A dedicated person from our team of claims professionals will evaluate the information, develop a strategy, and discuss the next steps with you.


Send BAC all invoices and reports as they become available, to ensure every claimable cost is captured and submitted.


We will keep you informed if anything further is needed, update you on the process and progress of your claim and collaborate with the right people to overcome obstacles, making sure your claim runs as smoothly as possible.

Emergency contacts

If you need a rapid response to an emergency fire or water event in the middle of the night, you can contact the below emergency contacts.

Emergency Insurer contacts

If you need direct access to your Insurer for an After Hours Emergency claim , please use the relevant phone number listed below.